About Me

Hi, sweet friends! My name is Lauren and I’m the stressed-out, sweet-tooth-maniac, behind stressbaker.com. First and foremost, thank you for swinging by!

FullSizeRender (1)Still here? Great, me too 🙂

I started stressbaker.com to share the baked goods I am constantly whipping up for others. You see, when my life gets crazy and my stress levels are off the charts, I take shelter in the kitchen. Baking calms me down and releases any tension I am holding. Hence the name, Stress Baker.

Baking has always been a peaceful escape for me. It reminds me of being a little girl standing on a step ladder next to my mom at the kitchen island. I would carefully shake sprinkles on to her sugar cut cookies or mash up the bananas for her amazing banana bread. I studied my mom as she measured and leveled out the sugar, creamed the butter, and sifted the flour. Baking is a science. You must be 100% focused on the recipe at hand and not on those silly stressful thoughts. So when life gets a little bananas, don’t stress out…make banana bread!